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Hi Everyone!

It's been a super interesting week with a lot if very interesting news getting out there. We've heard that the release date of Episode VII of Star Wars might get moved up and that there might be a Live Action Legend of Zelda television show coming from the wonderful folks of Netflix. Needless to say, it's a wonderful time to be a fan of geeky pop-culture.

Now... Let's get to the reason you're here! We're writing this blog because we have some winners to announce for our Weekly Limited Tee Giveaways! In case you missed our most recent series of blogs, starting last month, Companion Tees and Once Upon a Tee have officially merged and this is our new home. If you have a Rewards account on one of our old platforms, please write us at and we will help you transfer those points.

Unfortunately, it has to be done by request because we need new accounts to be registered and we need to know the usernames for our old site and the new site. This merger was done by the request of our incredible community. They wanted to be able to pick up their weekly Who and Geeky Collections at the same place. But this is only the first of many announcements coming in 2015. The next announcement should come in the next few weeks. Be prepared!

This week's Winner of a Collection of their choice is: 

OUAT / Companion Tees Free Collection - Lauren Woods!

Congrats, Lauren! Please send us a message on Facebook or e-mail us at and we'll take care of you right away! 

For everyone else, there are just 48-hours left for you to pick up this week's collection! Get yours before they're gone forever!

See you next week!

  • February 06, 2015
  • Jason Henry
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Holly Klaus

February 08, 2015

Hi I have been with companion tees because my daughter, grandson and I are definitely whovians! I wanted to make a request and maybe its not feasible but I wish you would offer kids sizes at least for appropriate shirts. Once in a while you have a small youth but rare one time you had an xs which I ordered but didn’t get because of a mix up.. Ha ha.. Its a little big on my 2 year old grandson but he will grow into it! Anyway on the shirts you are going to be making up as ordered why not offer at least an extra small youth.. You dont have to make it unless someone buys it right? Thanks! And I just want to mention even though there have been some mix ups companion tees have always been great about communication and resolving the problem. I hope that keeps up!

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